Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captain Julius Valentine Baxter

Name: Julius Valentine Baxter
Rank: Captain
Interests: breakfast foods, comfort, drinking at Starboards, spaddexing,
Birthplace: Starbase 12
Aliases: Lt. Cmdr. Rick Raxter, Ensign Samantha Waxter, Guy Francisco: Space Ranger
Played by: Matt Young
Captain Baxter’s friends call him Jules. But he doesn’t have any friends. Instead, his crew often just call him Baxter. Or worse. He was born in space and could not find it more dull. He is a simple man with simpler pleasures. He takes his hot chocolate cold and his women any temperature he can get. He has been a Starfleet officer for the past 14 years, starting off as a transporter chief aboard the USS Bounty. He served there without distinction, missing shifts and leaving crew mates stranded planet-side. This formative time was key to learning how to forge reports and his rise in the chain of command, coincidentally. As captain, he tends to “blow stuff up first, ask questions later,” and can’t quite grasp why time travel isn’t the solution to every problem. Since taking command of the U.S.S. Sisyphus, he has faced the Borg, the Q Continuum, and God-Dressed-Like-Dr.-Who (faced is a strong word). He is an odd mixture of impetuous, lazy, and whimsical, and with a penchant for disguise, deception, and dessert, there is no one in the universe more ill-equipped to be leading this intrepid crew. And there is probably still a toaster stuck in his mid-section.

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