Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Officer Corbomite B. Hayes

Name: Corbomite B. Hayes
Rank: Commander
Interests: losing himself in a good holodeck adventure, nothing else ever
Birthplace: Starfleet locker rooms, Zero G training base, Europa
Distinctions: Hold the current fleet record for most possessions by a malevolent alien being
Played by: Christopher Rathjen
Corbomite B. Hayes comes from the distinguished Hayes family, famous for providing more admirals to Starfleet than another family, most recently his two parents and brother. He graduated from Starfleet Academy class of 2359, where he was a member the student jazz quintet The Federation Five with his close personal friend William Riker. And if Will Riker is too busy these days serving on the flagship and saving the Federation from the Borg to respond to messages from his old buddy Corbo, he’s not one to hold a grudge. Corbomite has served on 17 starships in various position, where he is convinced he rose up the ranks through hardwork and perseverance, and NOT some combination of surviving catastrophe and having family connections. Since joining the Sisyphus crew as First Officer he has adjusted his definition of professionalism to include sometime breaking the rules to do the right thing, and often breaking the rules to avoid review boards. He believes that everyday is an opportunity for the crew to be heroes, and failing that, every off-shift is an opportunity to reenact the 21st century Earth drama Heroes on the holodeck.

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