Sunday, October 18, 2009

DOMINICK-c671-45 or "Computer"

Name: DOMINICK-c671-45 or "Computer"
Played by: Mike Maltz
Was written in the year 2016, as a program to monitor inventory for a Mid-Western, American, grocery store on the plant Earth. Dominick-c671-45, was deemed a highly efficient, highly effective tool for grocery store operations, including; inventory maintenance, online cataloging and eventually “personal shopping.” It is in this code, specifically those lines written under the heading Perceived Needs Interpretation that historians believe Dominick’s much debated “self-awareness” originated. Some argue that working so closely with human shopping needs eventually lead to its "realization" of its own “needs.” In the year 2298 at the sight of an early model replicator, Dominick is said to have expressed true feelings of pain and discomfort, exclaiming “F-this thing and F-you! I don’t care anyway!” before fading into complete obscurity by the early 24th century. As to how Dominick came to be aboard the Sisyphus or the exact capacity in which it functions on the ship, little is known.

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