Thursday, October 29, 2009

Captain's Log: Red Shirt’s Revenge

Captain’s Log: Stardate 48315.4

We are in orbit around that planet. That one that needed medicine or an ambassador. Anyway, Deck 14 was cut-off from the rest of the ship for and power seems to be draining from the other decks to there. Cmdr. Hayes’ revolutionary war holodeck adventure was cut short and he returned to the bridge to give a report about how the ancient forefathers of the United States of America sang instead of speaking back in 1776. Fascinating. An enthusiastic Lt. Cola and the science officer/jack-of-all-trades Lt. Watson went to check out Deck 14 with the First Officer. Hayes, I was shocked to learn, was relieved of duty by Counselor Whitman. The others were persuaded to join a growing mutiny led by Whitman and Fassbinder. This consisted mostly of whispering stupid secrets into space. The others were not compelled to join.

Later, I was debriefed by Lt. Watson on a murder that had occurred on the Sisyphus almost 20 years earlier. Clearly, a ghost was to blame for the problems on Deck 14. I dispatched Watson to gather evidence and get to the bottom of things.

Returning to the bridge, I imparted Watson’s information while I sat at Ops playing video games. I let Hayes sit in the big chair while we talked about games we like and planets we should go to. I’m looking forward to going to both the Haunted Planet and the Haunted House Planet.

Then a tug of war between the crew and mutineers began. Redirecting power from one deck to another, relieving each other of duty, and deleting personnel files, to say nothing of cutting off life support were the weapons with which we tried to snuff the other out. The Computer was sadly in the middle, but eventually had a breakthrough and realized that it didn’t want to be a party to murder (for now).

Per Lt. Cola’s order’s to split into groups of two, I went alone to deck 14 while the remainder of the senior staff, Watson, Hayes, and Cola spoke with the mutineers. I jumped from a Jeffries Tube and knocked them both unconscious.

It seems that Whitman and Fassbinder had taken control of Deck 14. Whitman apparently had been running his own revolutionary holodeck program.and had decided to start an insurgency mostly so he could quell it with own counter insurgency, or peace demonstration, or something. Fassbinder was just being a dick. Oh, and he was possessed by the ghost of the murdered Ensign Kerplec from 20 years ago. The computer was able to lock onto the ghost that dead bastard into and transport it directly into space. But Fassbinder is still a dick. Nice try, ghost ensign idiot. Guess you’ll have to try to resolve your earthly business on somebody else’s ship.

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