Sunday, October 18, 2009

Science Officer Crickstopher "Crick" Watson

Name: Crickstopher “Crick” Watson
Station: Chief Science Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Interests: Science, working hard, sticking his nose up in the air, chinchillas, cleanliness, secret Earthshine nips
Birthplace: Copernicus City, Luna (The Moon)
Played by: Sean Kelley
Crick Watson was born on the shores of Lake Armstrong in Copernicus City, Luna (Earth's moon). After graduating from Starfleet, he did an internship at the Daystrom Institute before being assigned as a lieutenant junior grade aboard the USS Tantalus. After two years of service aboard the Tantalus, Crick was re-assigned to the Sisyphus where he serves at the ship's science officer. In his spare time, Crick enjoys games of dom-jot, and spending time with Rudy, his pet chinchilla.

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