Sunday, October 18, 2009

Security Chief Lady Cola

Name: Lady Cola
Station: Security Chief, Chief Tactical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Interests: Snacks, sex, thinking about performing stand up comedy, singing, playing guitar, The Feminine Mystique
Birthplace: Ferenginar
Played by: Irene Marquette
Born into a family that broke with the Federation in favor of the Ferengi's capitalism based society, Lt. Cola's teenage years were tumultuous. After learning she could never be the Nagus she defied the Great Material Continuum to become neither one who wants nor one who has but one who is enrolled at Star Fleet Academy. As Chief of Security, Lady could not be more proud of the work she has done aboard the Sisyphus. Her signature tactical maneuver, The Flying V, is an homage to both one of her favorite Earth myths (The Mighty Ducks) and her passion for Women’s Studies. On a serious note, Star Fleet Academy has recently changed their program and are now calling it “Gender Studies”. If you also think this is unjust you can find and sign Lady’s petition on subspace. Lady would like to thank most of the crew of the “Sis”, various Admirals, Q, Japhy’s Parents, herself, a handful of Ambassadors and the replicator for the immense personal growth she has experienced during her tenure. Finally, a huge shout out to her closest confidants and best buddies, Lorem and the phaser mice that live and love in her quarters. Slumber Party Crew Forever!

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