Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Episode 6: Schisms Part II

This is a summary of an episode performed during Improvised Star Trek's initial live run at iO Chicago from October 17, 2009 until May 8, 2010. You can click here to listen to our most recent adventure on the podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes using the links to the right, or find out about upcoming opportunities to see us live here.

Previously on Improvised Star Trek: Stabbing. Lots of stabbing. Also Lt. Fassbinder dies in Lt. Watson's arms, and Dr "Foggy McCloud" is left wandering the ship on his own.
The exciting conclusion: The crew of the USS Sisyphus is confused to find themselves alive after being stabbed to death, mostly by Captain Baxter. No one knows why such violence broke out, or why the crew are now unharmed. Counselor Japhy want to address the emotional effects being killed and resurrected is having on the crew, but the captain is more concerned with explaining what happened. Seventeen hours passed which can't be accounted for, leading Lt. Cola to postulate that the experience has something to do with the classic Earth story Contact, starring Jodi Foster. Engineer Fassbinder is convinced that Cmdr. Watson has saved his life and tries to be near him always. The Computer is hurt that so many of the crew stabbed his panels. Eventually, Dr "McCloud" admits that he might be responsible for at least the outbreak of violence. It seems that once a year he unconsciously releases a cloud of PCP, which drove the crew into a stabbing frenzy(except for Helmsman Heffington, who rearranged his books for several hours). However, he can't explain how the crew is now well, until the computer discovers that "McCloud" unwittingly released a second gas, which may be responsible for the crew's revival. Talk of closely monitoring the Doctor so as to study his emissions begins to make him uncomfortable, and he releases a gas to wipe everyone's memory of the incident.

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  1. Hey!! I read good critics of your work. You should film the episodes and upload to youtube. Well, maybe -like me- some people of foreign countries wanna see the episodes. Think about it!