Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey everyone, Lt Cola here. After our encounter with Q-min I looked through my old personal logs and found this doozy from my Academy days. Enjoy!

Lady's Personal Log
February 10, 2368*

I screwed up on the flight simulator again. I don't even want to get into it but they made me go first and were not clear on their instructions. I took my C+ (humiliating) and went to my faculty adviser to tell him that I needed a hiatus from my work for a couple weeks and he was just so rude about it. Yeah, I GET that this is a commitment and responsibility and whatever, but in order for me to perform at maximum warp (see, I know their 'lingo') I need to take some time and get my own stuff worked out. Officers get vacations but students don't? That doesn't seem fair.

Saturday is Valentine's Day and I think I have to cancel my date with Jack. I have to cancel all my dates with Jack. I didn't come to the Academy to make friends or boyfriends, I'm here with a higher purpose: to excel at LIFE so I can throw it in everyone's face back on Ferenginar. I don't want to be like my mother or all my friend's moogies back home, naked all day waiting for our husbands and sons so we can prechew their grubs. Last week one of the girls on my floor uploaded a copy of The Feminine Mystique to my reading tablet and let me tell you, dear personal log, that book may be 400 years old but it is 100% true.

Me breaking up with Jack isn't about me not loving him, because I'm guessing this sick, sad feeling in my stomach means I do, it's about me becoming a full person before I can turn that feeling into something constructive.

I wish this school had a life simulator.

*I decided that I'm going to start using the ancient Earth calendar for my personal log so my entries will be harder to find in the future! Ha ha.

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