Thursday, December 17, 2009

Episode 9: Camaraderie

This is a summary of an episode performed during Improvised Star Trek's initial live run at iO Chicago from October 17, 2009 until May 8, 2010. You can click here to listen to our most recent adventure on the podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes using the links to the right, or find out about upcoming opportunities to see us live here.

The USS Sisyphus is on an urgent mission to Indelibus V to mediate a civil war when Counselor Whitman announces that its time for the ship's scavenger hunt, the winner of which will be the MC of the ships upcoming pep rally (an honor Engineer Fassbinder has won every previous year). Captain Baxter orders the ship to stop until the scavenger hunt is complete, sending crew members racing around the ship to find thimbles and hand bells, and having their pictures taken in various zany situations. The rules require everyone form two person teams, but when no one asks Dr. "Foggy McCloud" to be partners he begins to regret his inability to understand human connections. Lt. Cola, frustrated by Lt. Cmdr. Watson's continued refusal to be more familiar with his comrades on board(and herself in particular) conspires with the Counselor to add "Snuggle Crick Watson" to the scavenger list. Soon the Science Officer is unable to move about the ship without having his picture taken in the forced embrace of another crewman. Captain Baxter is barred from participating in the Scavenger Hunt, but his desire to MC the pep rally is so great he begins gather items in disguise as Lt. Cmdr. Raxter. A meeting of the senior staff is called when the Counselor is revealed to have hidden items in the warp core, disabling the engine and using the displaced dilithium crystals to make jewelry, but that problem, along with the warring Indelibans, is soon forgotten when Dr "McCloud" runs away. Hurt and frustrated over the emotional distance between him and crew, he plans to sublimate into his original form as a giant gas cloud an leave the Sisyphus forever. Various members of the crew try to talk him out of leaving, but its ultimately Engineer Fassbinder who makes a breakthrough, with a firm a hug and some "its not your fault"s. Fassbinder, who has won the scavenger hunt again by transporting his crewmate's items into space, offers to let "Foggy" co-MC the pep rally, an offer which he emotionally accepts.

Presumably, the engines get fixed and the civil war on Indelibus V is mediated before too many die.

With Special Guest Matt Young as Lt. Cmdr Raxter

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