Wednesday, March 3, 2010

credit where due

Hope you've been enjoying the videos promo you've seen gracing this page, they're are more on the way so keep checking back. Where do they come from you ask? Well, written and directed by the the Improvised Star Trek cast, the videos have been produced by Very Clever Media, a Chicago based video and media company only partially comprised of IST cast.

The model of the USS Sisyphus used in our most recent video(Baxter's Flute) and our blog background image was the work of artist Chris Martin, who was kind enough to donate one of his models when contacted by IST. More of his 3D art can be found at his blog Evil Starship Factory.

The recorder rendition of the TNG theme in the same video was provided by Matt Smith.

Lets, see...anything else?
Star Trek is a registered trademark of CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures. We are not either of them.

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