Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 23: Bowling

This is a summary of an episode performed during Improvised Star Trek's initial live run at iO Chicago from October 17, 2009 until May 8, 2010. You can click here to listen to our most recent adventure on the podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes using the links to the right, or find out about upcoming opportunities to see us live here.

Lt. Cola has talked Cmdr Hayes to changing his normal holodeck plans and joining her in a game of bowling, but their time on the lanes is cut short when a red alert is declared. Gathering on the bridge, Counselor Whitman announces he has accidentally locked the ship into a course traveling at Warp 9. The ship can now not be shut down, and with Engineer Fassbinder gone on shore leave the remaining crew struggle to find a way to safely stop, concluding the process will take days. Cmdr Hayes admits he assigned the Counselor helm duties he should not normally be given, leading the Captain to order Lt. Cola to put security surveillance on Hayes. He likewise orders Counselor Whitman to keep an eye on Lt. Cola, and LtCmdr Watson to monitor the actions of the Counselor. The crew hopes that they'll at least be entering an unexplored region of space, but soon realized they're actually heading back to the heart of the Federation. Calculations confirm that they're on a collusion course that will avoid the Earth but will likely destroy its moon, with no other starship able to intercept them before the collision. Cmdr Hayes draws inspiration from his bowling lesson with Lt. Cola and suggests the ship model their approach to the Earth-Moon on the 7-10 split, the easiest shot in bowling to miss. He takes a team to engineering to put some spin on the warp field, while on the bridge an attempt is made to contact Earth's Moon to see if they can do anything to get out of the way(resulting in an awkward conversation with an old High School friend of LtCmdr Watson's who he failed to recognize). Their plans are proven unnecessary when the captain surprises everyone with an override code to halt the ship; the entire Warp 9 problem was a ruse of his to see how the crew would react. His instructions for the crew to surveil one another were likewise part of the scheme to set up the whole crew(like pins), and see how easily they could be knocked down(by the balls of adversity). His conclusion: everyone did okay-ish.

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