Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 24: Super Nova Ex Machina

This is a summary of an episode performed during Improvised Star Trek's initial live run at iO Chicago from October 17, 2009 until May 8, 2010. You can click here to listen to our most recent adventure on the podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes using the links to the right, or find out about upcoming opportunities to see us live here.

When The USS Sisyphus delivers Captain Julius Baxter to Starbase 11 for an inquiry into some of his questionable activities, the ship is commandeered by Douglas Johannesburg, Starfleet's newest Admiral. Johannesburg, (or Doug as he insists everyone call him) hopes to harness the dark energies generated by Super Novas, and while his ideas about Dark Matter seem scientifically unsound, Doug wins over the crew explaining this is his first big project as an Admiral, and he would really appreciate a team effort. The ship prepares his special equipment to capture dark matter from a Super Nova shockwave, and the Admiral instructs Commander Hayes to find a star about to go Nova and take the ship as close as safely possible. The distance changes to as close as unsafely possible when the Commander reveals "as close as safely possible" is insufficiently close for the Admiral's purposes. Among his special equipment is a helmet that can draw dark matter from space directly into brain, which the Admiral covertly shares with Counselor Japhy. It enhances Japhy's ability to see into the mind of his crewmates, but he finds himself compelled to share it with others, so that it in turns enhances Security Chief Cola's aggression and whatever it is that Cmdr Hayes does. It also turns them violent, and they use a newfound control of gravity to assault Engineer Fassbinder & Science Officer Watson in Engineering when the two refuse to likewise use the helmet. After a struggle the helmet is beamed into space and destroyed, but the damage done to the engine room makes it impossible for the ship to escape the shockwave when the star the Sisyphus was observing finally goes Super Nova.

All seems lost, until a ship appears and hails the Sisyphus. Onboard is Doug Johannesburg, the admiral's Dark Matter doppelganger who (through some combination of the Admiral's equipment and the proximity to the Super Nova) is temporarily able to perceive and interact with our vanilla matter. He attaches a tractor beam to the Sisyphus and tows it away from the the blast radius, but warns the Admiral his experiments were causing bizarre behavior on his own ship and should be discontinued.

With Special Guest Roger Payton as Admiral Doug Johannesburg

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