Thursday, May 13, 2010

Episode 30: Doctor Who

This is a summary of an episode performed during Improvised Star Trek's initial live run at iO Chicago from October 17, 2009 until May 8, 2010. You can click here to listen to our most recent adventure on the podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes using the links to the right, or find out about upcoming opportunities to see us live here.

Captain Bill Spillman has been found dead with a belt wrapped around his throat, and while Cmdr Hayes and LtCmdr Watson deal with his apparent suicide, an unsupervised Counselor Whitman, Lt.Cmdr Raxter, Lt.Cola, and Ensign Lorem decide to take the ship to the edge of the universe, inexplicably found in our own galaxy. To get there the Sisyphus must pass through the Neutral Zone into Romulan territory, where they soon encounters a Romulan warbird under the command of a Commander Koopar.
To everyones surprise Commander Kopaar is conciliatory, suggesting that the Sisyphus and his vessel engage in an officer exchange. Two female Romulan officers, the sisters Kootar and Kootay, beam over, and in exchange LtCmdr Watson is sent to the Romulan ship, on a shuttle piloted by Lt. Cmdr Raxter.

Kootar & Kootay, who have grown beards under the mistaken impression that human women do so, are led on a tour of the ship by Cmdr Hayes and Lt. Cola, who's so taken with them that she has the computer replicate her a beard as well. Meanwhile, Ensign Lorem meets with Counselor Whitman to discuss a personal problem; his overpowering lust for Romulan women. On the shuttlecraft, Lt.Cmdr Rick Raxter reveals a shocking secret to Lt.Cmdr Watson. That he, Rick Raxter, is actually Captain Julius Baxter in disguise, hiding amongst his own crew after going on the run from Starfleet. Captain Baxter now plans to destroy the Romulan Warbird using a tactic he developed in his time off: the hold of the shuttlecraft is filled with plague blankets that he intends to smother the warbird's warp core with, resulting in a massive explosion preceded by a few moments of virulent illness. Lt. Watson, amazed that he was fooled by the captain's disguise, doubts the plan but decides to assist the Captain.

Unfortunately, the Romulan sensors quickly detect the Captain's fake mustache shortly after they arrive, and he and Watson are captured. Commander Koopar contacts the Sisyphus to reveal their treachery, as well as his own. For Kootar and Kootay have been hard at work on the Sisyphus disabling its shields and using their Romulan nerve pinch (which differs from the Vulcan nerve pinch in that it just stings like the Dickens) on anyone who tried to stop them. The Sisyphus is at a disadvantage, without defenses in Romulan territory, but when Koopar taunts them with this fact, they remind him they're only here to see the edge of the universe, which the Romulan Star Empire cannot call dibs on. Koopar explains that the empire will not even allow him or his ship to approach the edge either. But after being Triple-Relbenbeast-Dared Koopar agrees to beam over the Sisyphus and allow it to take him there. He arrives onboard with the Baxter and Watson, and en route to the edge Lt. Cola sees an opportunity to incapacitate Kootay & Koopar. The ship proceeds with the Romulans now the prisoners; Ensign Lorem takes the opportunity violently nuzzle and spoon the prisoners.

Upon reaching the edge, everyone grows violently ill, with the exception of the gaseous Dr. "Foggy McCloud." Soon, over the edge pops God, an eccentrically-dressed british dandy with a long scarf and whimsical top hat. The last is too much for Computer, who resigns as ship's computer. God speaks of his vast power to a wreching crew, but on seeing Dr. "McCloud" starts a fight, having recognized the Doctor from the Big Bang. Dr. "McCloud" is victorious, despite God turning his hands into flowers, but when the crew try to claim God's hat as as a trophy, they quickly become infected with its megalomania. The hat is fired out into space and the Sisyphus heads back towards Federation space. They've had a big day, not to mention a stupid and impossible one, and Captain Baxter thinks they could all use a visit to the Ice Cream Planet.

With Special guest Jon Forsythe as Commander Koopar and SubCommander Kootar

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