Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Improvised Star Trek Returns April 9th!

After recovering from our season of facing Bongo-playing Borg, Oprah/Tribble hybrids and Backdoor Space Sluts, the USS Sisyphus is ready to get back to work. Its with much excitement that we announce the return of Improvised Star Trek, now in the form of a weekly online podcast.

Every week we'll be taking suggestions submitted on Twitter and Facebook and creating a fully improvised episode detailing the further adventures of the USS Sisyphus, be they responding to a rogue Klingon attack or enduring the ship’s open mic night. New episodes will be posted every week and available for download on the web or iTunes!

To celebrate our triumphant return, we're throwing a launch party at Midnight, April 9th at the iO Theater! Join us for some Romulan Ale and dance to the stylings of the USS Sysphus ship’s DJ, Japhy Whitman. The evening will feature a live performance and a preview of episodes to come!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Season One run at iO, and who contacted us asking for more. This wouldn't be happening with out you.

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