Monday, June 18, 2012

Ep 45: The Postman Always Hails Twice

Zorb finally tracks Meraxis to a Federation starship, where he finds the fugitive posing as an ensign.  But the USS Sisyphus has bigger surprises in store: Zarlene, the wife who abandoned him at the altar 4 years ago; and an intoxicated new romance.  Recorded April 29, 2012 from a suggestion by Zach Perkins via Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. Griffen Eckstein as Zorb Zonalzon, Ensign Lackey
    Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
    Irene Marquette as Lt. Lady Cola
    Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem
    Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
    Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Cockney Bartender, Sally

    somebody as Real Boy at the Bar