Monday, July 16, 2012

Ep 47: My Hair Lady

Can the crew of the Sisyphus rise to the occassion for a diplomatic summit? What if I told you they were also being visited by lunar rednecks and a randy sex therapist? Also fleas. And a mysterious illness. God, and we haven't even mentioned Lady Cola...

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  1. Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes
    Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Ens. Greg
    Irene Marquette as Lt. Lady Cola
    Griffen Eckstein as Lt. Cdr. Fritz Fassbinder
    Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem
    Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson
    ??? - Lt. Karl
    Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
    ??? - Pappy Whitman
    Roger Payton - Lt. Mathison, Bartender
    ??? - Crick's Uncle Newton
    ??? - Ambasssador from the Manners Planet
    ??? - Umbror (ambassador from Umbrage Planet)
    ??? - Pansy (Pazzy?) (ambassador from Passive Aggresive Planet)
    ??? - Crick's Grandma
    ??? - Lt. Son (aka Karl Jr.)