Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Place That Never Was

In celebration of our upcoming live shows, we share with you now a belated summary of our May 12, 2012 live performance, "The Place that Never Was."

The crew of USS Sisyphus marks their 15th year of being stranded on the planet Ceti Zeta V and review the turn of events that left them marooned.

Cpt. Joanne Steel(Human), Science Officer Cdr. Spork (Vulcan), Security Officer LtCdr. Qen'qel(Klingon), Chief Medical Officer Cat Man Doo [Dr. Doo] (Catian), and bridge officers Lt. Richards & Lt. Richards(Human, Mirror Universe Human, respectively) had been left the ship on an away mission, their last contact with Starfleet being Transporter Technician Lt. Julius Baxter. Little do they know they have already been rescued, and are under observation in the USS Sisyphus. 

Julius Baxter soon reveals himself to the crew, and explains the reason for the ruse. While their abandonment was an accident, and their retrieval made impossible by [technobabble], Baxter did take the opportunity to present himself as a hero, and moved up the ranks as a result. He is now Captain of the USS Sisyphus. He has taken an opportunity to rescue them and wants to makes sure there are no hard feelings; he then says he keeps him friends close and his enemies closer. It's all very foreboding.

The crew are released and mingle with the extant crew of the USS Sisyphus. Joanne Steele has every intention of retaking the ship, and tells Baxter as much in his private quarters. The current chief engineer, Fritz Fassbender, sees the returned crew as a means to overthrow Baxter. Security Chief Lady Cola throws herself after Lt. Commander Qen'qel, who returns her interest. The two Lt. Richards's become distracted by each other after being asked by Ensign Lorem if they'd ever slept together, given that technically they're the same person. Commander Spork seeks out the haunted deck, which he believes to be haunted by the katra of his uncle, the long dead Lt. Kerplec. Dr. Cat Man Doo, busy being a sexy cat, catches the attention of Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon.

As the crews become emotionally intertwined, the impetus for the old crew to throw over the new one weakens. It comes down to a heated phaser battle between Baxter and Steele (Fritz had provided her a phaser) that ends with both of them tossing their weapons away. Baxter agrees to take the crew back to Starfleet and get her a new ship, a Sisyphus 2. Although Steele initially wanted her old ship back, she accepts the new and better ship, and forgives the captain.

Guest Starring the cast of the Nerdologues: Claire Friedman as Captain Joanne Steel, Steve as Science Officer Cdr. Spork, Bill Kenkel as Security Officer Lt. Commander Qen'qel, Kevin Reader as Dr. Cat Man Doo, and Chris Geiger & Kevin Walsh as the Lt.s Richards.

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