Monday, April 15, 2013

Ep 63: Embarrassary

On their first trip through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, the crew of the Sisyphus meet the wormhole aliens, and escape by the sweat of their brow. And other excretions as well.

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  1. Sean Kelley as Lt. Cdr. Crick Watson, Wormhole Alien
    Irene Marquette as Lt. Lady Cola, Wormhole Alien
    Christopher Rathjen as Cdr. Corbomite Hayes, Wormhole Alien
    Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem, Cockney Shapeshifter, Wormhole Alien
    Mary Cait Walthall as Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon, Wormhole Alien
    Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King, Wormhole Alien
    Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Ensign Greg, Wormhole Alien