Monday, April 28, 2014

Episode 85: The Search for Sock

Something's afoot after a sinister intruder has invaded Corbomite's quarters. Can the crew get to the bottom of this darned mystery?

With special guest Bill Stern.

Improvised on February 9th, 2014, from a suggestion by Pedro Silhy via Facebook.

This episode was edited by Hannah Parsons.

This episode was sponsored by John D'Angelo. To sponsor an IST episode, click here.

Griffen Eckstein as: Lt. Cmdr. Fritz Fassbinder, Lt. Son
Sean Kelley as Lt. Cmdr. Crick Watson, Admiral Damocles, Lt. Carl, Little F'Got
Chris Rathjen as Cmdr. Corbomite Hayes, Scooter
Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem
Julia Weiss as Lt. Rita King, Lt. Beyontriss, Classroom Child
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Captain Owl, Sally
Bill Stern as Antonio, Ensign Ping Pong

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