Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ballad of Tiny Corbo

What is happening?  Why is there tiny statue of Corbomite Hayes? The answer is a perfect storm of nerdery.

Otherworld Theater is a Chicago production company dedicated to bringing SciFi and Fantasy to the live stage, and are pretty cool folks to boot.  In summer of 2012 they held a fundraiser at the mysterious 3031 Stage (IST's own Sean Kelley profiled the venue in a recent edition of Newcity).  The event was called Picardy, and celebrated the 292rd pre-birthday of one of Star Trek's greatest captains, Jean-Luc Picard.

Along with a delicious trek themed menu (Vegetarian? Order it Vulcan), one of evenings events was a trivia challenge hosted by Otherworld boardmember Dylan Schaefer.  The winner was Chris Rathjen (2nd place, went to Nick Wagner, 3rd place went to OCDweeb podcast host Sawyer Heppes, you can listen to his interview with IST here). The prize was 3D printed statue of the winner as a Starfleet officer.  Big thanks to Otherworld on their event, and their amazing prize (you can get your own here)!  Corbo and tiny Corbo couldn't be happier!

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