Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Improvised Star Trek Podcast Episode 90: The Past Just Isn't What it Used to Be

Image by OFC artist Dann Tincher

Worlds collide as the Sisyphus encounters an alternate Earth with an alternate mad scientist and alternate snow. Which is different from punk snow.

Improvised on May 10th, 2014. Title suggested by Saskia Slottje via Facebook.

Featuring Mark Soloff and Ryan Schile of Our Fair City, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic. For more, visit


Sean Kelley as Lt. Cmdr. Crick Watson 
Chris Rathjen as Cmdr. Corbomite Hayes
Nick Wagner as Ensign Ch'arles Lorem, Borg
Matt Young as Captain Julius Valentine Baxter, Ensign Greg, Urg, Dr. Octavius 
Griffen Eckstein as Ensign Lackey, Lt. Cmdr. Fritz Fassbinder
Ryan Schile as Dr. Herbert West
Mark Soloff as Simon Von Haggens

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