Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gone but not Fritzgotten

As some of you may have guessed listening to this weeks episode, Fritzcarraldo, Griffen Eckstein has sadly departed from Improvised Star Trek.  For the last six months Griffen has been splitting his time between Chicago and Los Angeles, and has now relocated to latter full time with Irene (they're married guys! They met working Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas!) to spread strange new laughs in warmer climes with lamer pizzas.You'll hear him again the next time he visits, but Fritz will no longer be a weekly feature of the Sisyphus crew (though there's one more Griffen encore performance in the pipeline!).

Improvised Star Trek was Griffen's baby; this whole gang of us are only making space jokes today because he and Charlie McCrackin wanted to gather some nerdy improvisors to do a late-night SciFi creature feature at iO Chicago in late 2009.  In the early days Griffen was always the first to bring down the ship from within, play a misunderstood alien, or reveal that the little old lady on the parkbench had been a the ships engineers in disguise all along.

When we were reborn as a podcast in 2011 he was soon half the secondary cast all by himself (Leopold Lackey, Jimmy Jams, Lt. Son, Johnny Galaxy, Nurse LaBoob, Ensign Laserbear, and many other). To tide you over Fritz crosses paths with the Sisyphus again, here's some of the casts favorite episodes to feature Griffen:


  1. Best of luck to him! He will be missed!

  2. Best of luck to him! He will be missed!