What is Improvised Star Trek?
Improvised Star Trek is a completely improvised audio comedy podcast. Set in the time(and timeline) of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and Star Trek: Voyager, Improvised Star Trek occurs in an era of maximum Star Trek and follows the crew of the USS Sispyhus, a less famous Starfleet vessel.

When are new episodes released?
An all new episode can be found every other Sunday on our website or the iTunes Music Store. On off weeks we'll give you news about the show and share bonus scenes from our warmups and live shows.

How planned out are episodes?
Not at all. The regular cast has their usual roles as members of the Sisyphus crew, but every episode is based off an audience suggestion collected day of recording.  Our favorites are then produced with music and sound effects.

How are audience suggestion taken?
A day before recording we'll request suggestions via facebook and twitter. We'll select a few titles to use as warmups and full episodes.

Can I listen live?
Not for every recording session, but we have begun streaming a live a episode every 6-8 weeks.  Check the Live page to see if the next streaming episode has been scheduled. That said, for maximum production quality, we suggest you listen to the complete and edited podcast.

Are their any plans to make to make Improvised Star Trek available to the brave men & women out on the final frontier?
Our friends on the International Space Station are good to go.  Astronauts, cosmonauts, and othernauts in other spacefaring wessels should load up their ipod before leaving spacedock.  And lastly, since podcasts aren't send via radio waves, other civilizations or near-omnipotent god-children like Trelane are unlikely to catch an episode, unless they have an itunes account.

Isn't this a stage show?
It is! Improvised Star Trek ran at Chicago's iO Theater from October 2009 until May 2010, a run which we've declared to be the show's season zero. We're now performing the fourth Friday of every month at iO Chicago. For details on that and any special upcoming engagements, look here.

Will the new podcast honor everything that happened during the live run?
A great thing about ignoring the (temporal) Prime Directive is all the the time distortions making that make continuity so wonderfully fluid. Plus, Superboy punched a hole in time.  But mostly, the answer is: Yes, the best we can.

Is this...official?
God no. Star Trek is a trademark of CBS; no infringement intended.  Improvised Star Trek aspires to be just another contribution to Star Trek's long, proud history of fan productions. Except funny.