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"…the most nerdtacular 
of them all…"
 Chicago Sun-Times

"nearly as impressive as the improvisation itself is the excellent post-production work, which more deeply engages the listener"..."plenty of laughs"
The AV Club 

"Hilarious; great bunch of people who's insights into comedy and Star Trek that cross not only the ocean between Great Britain & America, but the world."
Colin Higgins, Trek News and Views 

"Whether you're a “Star Trek” [fan] or a comedy fan, the weird characters, hilarious fun story lines, and smart jokes [make] Improvised Star Trek a must-subscribe-to podcast and must-see show"..."[the performers have] a chemistry that only happens every once in a while."
Monique Madrid, Serial Optimist

"Easily my favorite podcast...Its funny, but its also clever and perpetually surprising. These days I'm enjoying it more than I enjoyed Trek itself. Sorry for the sacrilege, but its true!"
Tasha Robinson, The Dissolve

"My wife won't let me listen to this show at night because my laughter shakes the bed."
Jon Wagner, Author "Deep Space And Sacred Time: Star Trek in the American Mythos"

"Hardcore fans who know their stuff...each actor 
bring[s] depth and hilarity to their roles."
William Johnson, The Paxton Configuration 

"Super Hilarious"[...]

"I laugh out loud every time listen, regardless of where I am. People look at me weird but I don't care"[...]
"Clever, sometimes disgusting, and awfully funny."[...]
"Not a series of jokes about Star Trek, but a comedy set in its universe"..."scenarios tend to wrap up completely and satisfyingly" [...]
"The cast is incredibly clever and quick on their feet."[...]
"The best podcast since Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!"[...]