Julius Valentine Baxter
Rank & Station: Captain, USS Sisyphus
Interests: breakfast foods, comfort, drinking at Starboards, spaddexing,
Birthplace: Starbase 2
Aliases: Lt. Cmdr. Rick Raxter, Ensign Samantha Waxter, Guy Francisco: Space Ranger
Played by: Matt Young
Captain Baxter was born in space, and its vast and myriad wonders leave him unmoved. He is a simple man with simple pleasures. He takes his hot chocolate, cold. He likes to rip off his shirt (by accident) on away missions. He tends to fire phasers first, and ask questions later. To date, he can’t quite see why time travel isn’t the solution to all of life’s problem, big and small. And there is probably still a toaster stuck in his mid-section from Borg attack. He is a mixture of impetuous, lazy, and whimsical. To him, Starfleet is a job, but a job he was born to do. He was born to lead no matter how hard he fights it.

Corbomite B. Hayes
Rank: Commander
Station:First Officer
Interests: losing himself in a good holodeck adventure
Birthplace: Starfleet locker rooms, Zero G training base, Europa
Distinctions: Holds Current fleet record of Most Possessions by a Malevolent Alien-Being
Played by: Christopher Rathjen
Corbomite B. Hayes comes from the distinguished Hayes family, famous for providing more admirals to Starfleet than another family, most recently his two parents and brother. He graduated from Starfleet Academy class of 2359, where he was a member the student jazz quintet The Federation Five with his close personal friend William Riker. Corbomite loves Starfleet and has served on 17 starships in various position, where he is convinced he rose up the ranks through hardwork and perseverance, rather than some combination of surviving catastrophe and having family connections. Since joining the Sisyphus crew as First Officer he has adjusted his definition of professionalism to include sometime breaking the rules to do the right thing, and often breaking the rules to avoid review boards. He believes that everyday is an opportunity for the crew to be heroes, and failing that, every off-shift is an opportunity to reenact the 21st century Earth drama Heroes on the holodeck.

Crickstopher “Crick” Watson
Station: Chief Science Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Interests: Science, working hard, sticking his nose up in the air, chinchillas, cleanliness, secret Earthshine nips
Birthplace: Copernicus City, Luna (The Moon)
Played by: Sean Kelley
Crick Watson was born on the shores of Lake Armstrong in Copernicus City, Luna (Earth's moon). After graduating from Starfleet, he did an internship at the Daystrom Institute before being assigned as a lieutenant junior grade aboard the USS Tantalus. After two years of service aboard the Tantalus, Crick was re-assigned to the Sisyphus where he serves at the ship's science officer. In his spare time, Crick enjoys games of dom-jot, and spending time with Rudy, his pet chinchilla.

Lady Cola
Station: Security Chief, Chief Tactical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Interests: Snacks, sex, thinking about performing stand up comedy, singing, playing guitar, The Feminine Mystique
Birthplace: Ferenginar
Played by: Irene Marquette
Born into a family that broke with the Federation in favor of the Ferengi's capitalism based society, Lt. Cola's teenage years were tumultuous. After learning she could never be the Nagus she defied the Great Material Continuum to become neither one who wants nor one who has but one who is enrolled at Star Fleet Academy. As Chief of Security, Lady could not be more proud of the work she has done aboard the Sisyphus. Her signature tactical maneuver, The Flying V, is an homage to both one of her favorite Earth myths (The Mighty Ducks) and her passion for Women’s Studies. On a serious note, Star Fleet Academy has recently changed their program and are now calling it “Gender Studies”. If you also think this is unjust you can find and sign Lady’s petition on subspace. Lady would like to thank most of the crew of the “Sis”, various Admirals, Q, Japhy’s Parents, herself, a handful of Ambassadors and the replicator for the immense personal growth she has experienced during her tenure. Finally, a huge shout out to her closest confidants and best buddies, Lorem and the phaser mice that live and love in her quarters. Slumber Party Crew Forever!  You can follow Lady's likes on Pinterest.

Fritz Fassbinder
Station: Chief Engineer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Birthplace: New Berlin, Earth
Interests: Sandwiches, Earth Basketball, Avant-Garde Engineering Reports
Played by: Griffen Eckstein
Lt. Fassbinder hates space, which is why he chose to build starships to defy it. Born in New Berlin, he grew up in a remote mountain village in Bavaria where never used any computers, tricorders, transporters or communicators until the age of 20. He then moved to San Francisco to take night classes at Starfleet Academy where he was an assistant to groundskeeper Boothby by day. Fritz loves Earth Basketball, replicated sandwiches and his grade school class that he teaches. He also loves space, against his better judgment.
On Stardate 48442.8 Fritz was married to a USS Sisyphus in a private ceremony held inside his wife.

Ch’arles Lorem
Rank: Ensign
Interests: Cooking, baseball, lube
Birthplace: Trill (It’s the Trill homeworld. Look it up.)
Played by: Nick Wagner
Ch'arles Wasnewski was born on Trill to two perfectly normal Trill parents. He graduated near the top of his class at the Starfleet Academy and was promoted at a young age to Commander and First Officer of the U.S.S. Daedalus. Because of his distinguished performance Ch'arles was selected to undergo an unusually-late Joining procedure with the Lorem symbiont. The new joint being Ch'arles Lorem became an incourigible pervert. His Starfleet career took a sudden downward turn and he ended up on the Sisyphus as an ensign, where he enjoys touching things inappropriately.  You, like Starfleet Command, can monitor Lorem's thoughts by following @charlesandworm on twitter.

Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon
Station: Chief Medical Officer
Birthplace:Planet Zerth
Played by: Mary Cait Walthall
Dr. Zarlene Zonalzon, a not-quite-prodigy from the planet Zearth, graduated from Starfleet Medical at the age of 18 and at the bottom of her class. Starfleet couldn't find any internship program that would take her, so they placed her as Chief Medical Officer of the Sisyphus. Zarlene is one-quarter Betazoid, so she can empathically tell if someone is hungry, provided that they are looking at food and salivating and saying out loud that they are hungry. (Her main hobby is imagining bad things people are saying about her behind her back.) 

Rita King
Rank: Lieutenant(JG) 
Station: Communications
Played by: Julia Weiss
Lieutenant Rita King is a Bajoran former orphan who was rescued from a Cardassian labor camp by who humans who would later adopt her. After experiencing loss both real (her adoptive sister) and disproved (her parents), King became heavily addicted to space drugs in Starfleet Academy. Now, with a clean nose and open heart, she seeks to help beings across the galaxy communicate with words and also not with words, if she may. That's what a communications officer does, right?

(Acting) Dr. Rip Stipley
Station: Acting Doctor Chef
Interests:Partying, having fun with his friends (or heck ANYONE WHO’S AROUND), hatin’ on Cardassians, partying.
Birthplace: Americatown, USA, Earth
Acting Doctor Rip Stipley is a former Maquis Terrorist who once tried to take control of the Sisyphus for business reasons (SORRY Y’ALL). He was thwarted by the crew and sent to the New Zealand Penal Settlement on Earth where he became known as quite the party animal. After one of his “Spring Swing” dance parties (in which, the guards must ask the inmates to dance), the crusty old warden sent Rip to the historic Tantalus penal colony on Tantalus V. While on Tantalus, he learned of the destruction of the Maquis at the hands of the Dominion (BUMMER Y’ALL) and rediscovered his love for medicine! In 2374, he was granted his freedom on a work-release program, which sent him back to the very ship he once tried to steal. Ain’t life whacky?!

Lt. Rayvek
Station: Ships Counselor

Birthplace: Vulcan
Rayvek is a Vulcan and Starfleet classmate of Zarlene Zonalzon. She is joining the Sysiphus as ship counselor.